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Sportswear for everyone | Definition of Sportswear | WDSportz

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Sportswear for everyone | Definition of Sportswear | WDSportz

Sportswear - is clothing, including footwear, worn for sport or physical exercise. This clothing is worn for most sports and physical exercise, for practical, comfort or safety reasons. Sportswear is also at some times worn as casual fashion clothing.

Sportswear's are focused on the wearer’s comfort and performance. They pose features such as an attractive appearance and a pleasant look as well as functions that improve athletes’ performance, provide extra comfort and promote the health of the wearer. 

These wear include: tennis shirts, T-shirts, tracksuits and polo shirts. It also includes some underwear, such as the jockstrap and sports bra. 

For most sports the athletes wear a combination of different items of clothing, e.g. sport shoes, pants and shirts. 

Why should you buy a Sportswear? 

  1. Sportswear are durable: Durability characteristics include strength, stretchability, elastic recovery, abrasion resistance, tear resistance, color fading, body odor resistance and UV resistance. Obviously, some sports involve a great deal of physical activity that make durability an essential performance characteristic. Sportswear maintenance aspects also fall under durability owing to the need to wash and dry sportswear after each use. 
  1. For Comfort: Comfort characteristics deals with the interaction between sportswear and the human body at different levels of physical activity.

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